Deciding on your child’s name can be a difficult decision for many adoptive families. Many are concerned with how to give their child a name that will pays homage to their heritage, while still showing them that they’re a part of the family. A name is an important part of a person’s identity, so it’s important to have consideration when choosing a new name for your adoptive child. Or, you may also choose to keep their original name given to them by their birth family.

In an open adoption, many adoptive couples decide upon the baby’s name with his or her birth mother. This really is the best choice for bringing the baby’s past together with its future.

An option that some adoptive families use is to keep the child’s original name as their middle name. Doing so makes sure that the child will always have the name that was given to them by their birth mother, and also the name given to them by their adoptive family.

Keep in mind that if you’re adopting an older child, naming them something different may make it more difficult for them to adjust to their new life. You might consider using both the name you’ve chosen and their original name so that you can facilitate your older adopted child’s move to your family.

Giving your adopted child a name is a key part of assimilating them into your family. Take the time and reflection necessary for this very personal decision; consider what the right choice will be for your family. Think about what your child may think about the decision as they grow up. As your child grows up, give them the choice of going by whatever name they feel best with.

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