Wow, watching Dr. Phil share the adoption scam stories makes me think of so many families that I have helped. Through the years, I have met so many people that have come to me, looking for help after experiencing similar scams.

I believe that working with your own potential birthmother, without an adoption professional, is like doing your own brain surgery, or asking your spouse to! (That would be a spouse who isn’t a brain surgeon! LOL) It is impossible to be objective in this situation, and these con-artists know it and will use it to their advantage!

infantPlease… Please be sure that use an adoption professional when you are hoping to adopt. At our adoption center, we thoroughly screen potential situations and are able to easily see the women like this Melissa, protecting adoptive family’s hearts and pocketbooks!

If you didn’t get a chance to see Dr. Phil, be sure to read all about it on his website, www.DrPhil.com

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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