Q Dear Lifetime,

My wife and I are nervous to put ourselves in a position of being vulnerable. We have tried for so long to have a baby; I don’t think we could take it if a birth mom tried to reclaim her newborn… Does that happen often? We just want to be parents, but the whole process is nerve-wracking.

Scared in Seattle

A Dear Scared,

You really don’t need to be. The majority of adoptions are finalized quietly and happily. They experience little difficulty and everyone is content with the agreement. The media tends to focus in on and sensationalize the rare exception to this rule. Happy endings don’t always make for exciting television or magazine stories.

Our Lifetime staff is here to help you. Our amazing professionals use their years of experience and expertise to try and facilitate the best match possible. In many cases, they can foresee common pitfalls and red flags. They will make sure that you have all the information you need to come to a logical and educated decision.

In addition, your attorney can advise you on the legal aspects of a possible reclaim. The period after a birth in which a biological mother can come back for her baby varies widely from state to state. In your state, the time period is only 48 hours. In other states it can be as long as six months. Preventing the “worst case” scenario is our ultimate goal. Lifetime Adoption’s reclaim rate is currently well below the national average.

Don’t get discouraged. There is a baby out there that is meant to be in your family. If you let fear keep you back, you will never know the joy and fulfillment that parenting brings. Being called Mommy or Daddy for the first time is one of the best words you will ever hear; so take heart and keep moving forward. We will do all we can to make the adoption process a smooth and uplifting experience for you and your wife.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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