Every Christmas I scramble. Where did I put the wrapping paper? Do I have enough? How do I wrap that?!? I can’t believe I saved those gift bags. Wrinkled paper and torn tissue is never in season. I have had friends and family comment on the sweet job my seven year old son did at wrapping the presents. Oops, it was me… My sheepish smile gives away nothing.

Sometimes, I wish a professional gift wrapper would appear at my house, loaded down with lovely ribbons and double sticky tape. She would smile an angelic smile at me. “You have been so good this year, I am going to wrap, tuck and tape every present you have! Go ahead. Have coffee with your friends. I am your personal wrapping fairy and I am here to make your life easier.” Alas, it is not to be! The burden is mine alone.

Many times, in frustration, I will buy new roles and bags when I have saved the extra from last year’s festivities. I have found reams of holiday printed paper under my son’s bed when searching out Easter baskets and plastic eggs. I discovered roles tucked in the back of the garage, mildewed from a leaky window casing. I have even wrapped and given gifts, only to find overlooked gift tags from years past. Umm, who’s Spencer and why is his name on my gift?

A nicely presented gift always makes the receiver feel valued. Here are some handy ideas that are sure to make your life a little easier this Christmas. It is not as good as a personal gift fairy, but at least it is a start…

Looks Like New

You can perk up wrinkled paper and help it look brand new. Simply spritz a small amount of spray starch on the back side of the sheet. Press carefully with a warm iron (not hot). For a creased ribbon, pull it through a warm curling iron and you will be amazed at the results.

Store it Like a Pro

The best place to store left over ribbon is in plain view. I keep mine in our walk-in closet. Tall, slim lined waste baskets are a good storage choice, but it is fun to get creative. I have an antique grocery cart to hold my paper. It takes up little space and is lovely to look at. I no longer scramble to find my gift wrapping. All the national chains carry wrapping paper storage containers. These are usually clear plastic and flat for under the bed storage.


A Gift for all Seasons

Why not buy the plainest paper possible (paper bag brown) then stamp designs on the surface to enhance the occasion? Or purchase paper with a print for birthdays and Christmas alike? For Christmas use red and green ribbon. For a little boy’s birthday, use blue. Attending a baby shower? Use that same paper, only wrap the gift in sweet baby blue / or precious pink.


Be Original

Use old maps, newspaper or sheet music to wrap presents. If you are attending a baby shower, why not wrap the gift in a receiving blanket? Giving a housewarming gift? You can wrap kitchen supplies in an attractive kitchen towel.


A Cut Above

You can make your own ribbon with any type of fabric. Simply cut strips into the desired size. Set between two layers of waxed paper. Press with a hot iron. The wax will keep the material from becoming unraveled and help the ribbon hold a nice shape.


Paper Cutting Made Easy

If your kitchen table has a space for expander leaves, set your wrapping paper over the crack that separates the two sections. Use a razor edged paper cutter from the craft store to slide along the crease.

This holiday season should be a time for celebration, reflection and dreams come true. Wrapping presents can be fun if you know the tricks and tips of the trade. Lifetime Adoption hopes these tips will help make your Christmas celebration a little easier. Is this helpful to you? Share it with your friends!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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