Misty did not count on getting pregnant in the midst of a rough divorce. Her parents had recently passed away and her soon to be ex-husband was already living with another woman. With three children and a low paying job, Misty was at the end of her options. She was desperate and tired of the injustice that life had thrown her way.

By the time Misty contacted us, she was ready for someone to be her hero. She was four months pregnant and already felt a deep love for her unborn baby. It was her greatest prayer that we would help her find a loving Christian couple to adopt and raise her baby. She needed a brighter future for herself, her three other children and her unborn child! She needed a solution….

Couple looking to adoptSometimes, we tend to underestimate ourselves and magnify our inadequacies. Imagine yourself as a birth mother. Would you want to choose a family that has a list of apologies or a family that highlights the positive aspects of their family? Here are some tips to be mindful of as you plan your profile:

  • Stay positive! The birth mother that chooses you, sees your family as the solution to her problem; what is the best life I can find for my baby? Show her that you are the answer she has been looking for! Be confident in the fact that you will provide her baby with a loving and stable home.
  • Have fun! Your house might not be the fanciest or the biggest on the block, but it is of little consequence to your birth mom. She wants to see pictures of BBQ’s and family camp outs! She is looking for a family that will provide fun adventures and activities; a foundation for a lifetime of happy memories.
  • Be real! You are amazing and special just the way you are! You don’t have to try and be someone you’re not. She will sense your genuine spirit and be drawn to your honesty and open heart. The more personal information you share, the more opportunities you have of connecting with a potential birth mother.
  • Pray! Pray that the right birth mother will be drawn to your family and see you as her solution. Be consistent and strong in spirit. Prepare a way for God to work His miracles in your life!
Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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