How often do you catch yourself saying “if” when it comes to your hopes for a child? Do you hear phrases like “If I adopt…” or “If we become parents…” or “if a birth mother chooses us…”? “IF” can creep into your wording and start to wear down your confidence that your dreams of growing your family WILL come true.

Two letters spell a tiny word that can harvest big doubt. If you’re caught in the “if” limbo, try purposely changing “ifs” to “WHEN.” “WHEN” is a word that reflects faith you’re moving in the right direction. “WHEN I adopt…”, “WHEN our child’s birth mother speaks with us…”, “WHEN we bring our baby home…” are statements covered in the confidence that you’re moving forward to realize your dream.
This summer, change your “ifs” to “when”as you move closer to your dream of parenthood. Make this the season your future family is no longer an “if” but a matter of “when.”
LIVE Adoption Webinar on June 25th
at 5pm Pacific Time
One way to transition your “ifs” to “when” is to get answers to your adoption questions as you research your options. Join us TONIGHT for a chance to learn more about your family’s possibilities through adoption. Lifetime’s Adoption Q&A Webinaris a chance to ask questions and get the tips and details for a successful future in adoption.
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