Many couples hoping to adopt have recently turned to online fundraising websites to raise money for their adoption. With a personal online fundraising website, you can publicize your dreams of adopting far and wide!

A few commonly-used online fundraising websites include YouCaring.com, Razoo.com, Fundly.com, and GoFundMe.com. Make sure that you read each site’s “About Us” section and their guidelines (the “fine print”). The websites vary on whether they will charge you a payment-processing fee upfront, or deduct a small percentage from each donation. Online fundraising is completely safe, so long as you take the time to do some research before choosing to a site. Make sure that the site you are thinking about using to host your online fundraiser uses encryption technology, so that donors’ financial information is secure. Research the site’s security choices before starting a fundraising page.

Let your colleagues, family members, and friends know about your online fundraising website. Other places you could advertise your adoption fundraising link include social networking websites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and in your email signature. Incorporating your online fundraising efforts with social sharing is a big deal for personal fundraisers – you can reach a much wider audience, thereby increasing the number of potential donors.

Share your adoption story on your online fundraising site however you see fit. You’re able to easily post updates, photos, video, and other media to your fundraising page. This lets your individuality show through your fundraiser. It’s easy to personalize your fundraising page and make it your own.

Publicizing your adoption fundraising efforts to the web has altered the way people think about raising money. Also, it has had a major positive impact on how successful fundraisers are. By using the power of the web, online fundraising is easier than ever and can make your dreams of adoption come true!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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