We know it helps to get a look at some of the behind-the-scenes activity happening at Lifetime. Today, we’re inspired to share an email from a woman who was considering adoption. To us, it shows how much thought goes into each woman’s adoption planning, but is also a sweet reminder that regardless of her decision, she DOES notice the support she receives AND the adoptive parents she learns about.

Here’s an update we received from one woman today:

I thank all of you for your follow ups with me. Unfortunately, I lost my baby this summer. It’s been a hard struggle to lose something you barely knew you had and wasn’t sure you wanted. I apologize for not letting you know sooner. It’s been fairly painful to discuss and few people knew I was expecting at all.

I had looked into families sent to me and was ready to contact 3 of them. I’m glad that I didn’t so there are less people to be disappointed. Your program is very well put together and I could tell it would make the hardest thing in the world better just by the way it’s structured. 

I thank you for the time and compassion shared with me. While I don’t plan to be in that position again, if the day ever comes…I will call you guys. 

Remember, there are reasons Lifetime won’t call about every single birth mother you are presented to. So much happens before you find out about her, which is to the benefit of all involved in the match.

While you wait, know that you ARE standing out, and there will be that ONE woman who will speak up to learn more, when the time is right for her. These women truly appreciate the profiles, videos, and websites you create for them to learn more about you, and about open adoption. Thank you for making yourself available to each woman considering adoption.

We’re all praying for you and hoping soon we have the news you’re hoping to hear about an adoption match!

If you have questions about how birth mothers find Lifetime, or want to hear other couple’s tips on adopting, our adoption webinar library is a great place to visit! Just click on the image here:


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