Many families experience sticker shock after looking into adoption and stop right there. Yet many people make monthly payments for a car or even a home remodel. Your car may only last ten years, but your family is for a lifetime!

Your first step in affording adoption may be reprioritizing your current expenses.

You should ask your employer or human resources department about any adoption benefits that may be available. Many employers are now including this as part of their benefit packages. Similarly, consult your health insurance carrier. Some insurance allows a one-time infertility or adoption benefit that may be available for you.

Learn about the federal adoption tax credit and any state tax credit available for you. This may be the best way to reimburse some of your adoption expenses. Talk to your CPA or tax preparer if you have additional questions.

There may be adoption grants out there, but be aware there are many more applicants than there are grants. Time spent completing applications may be better used pursuing funds directly for your adoption, such as garage sales, online auctions, or a second job.

Consider also your financing options, including a home equity loan or financing via low- or no-interest credit cards. Borrowing against a 401k is also a feasible option. Financing options have helped thousands of families adopt successfully.

Talk to your family, as well. Often, friends and family members are willing to help when they know their funds are going directly to help a child in their own family.

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