Question: How long does it take to adopt a baby with Lifetime?

Answer: The quickest matches we’ve encountered here at Lifetime Adoption have been within 24 hours of contracting with us. Some have happened within a few weeks or months, and others within 18 months. From the time adoptive couples have mailed their approved profiles to Lifetime, most families will match within 6 to 18 months.

You may be wondering why the adopting timeframe varies so much. There are many things that can affect a family’s match time. A major factor is how open the family is in their adoption preferences. If you’re more open to a wider range regarding race, age, and gender of baby, the more adoption situations you’ll be presented to. Also, the more open you are to the birth mother’s substance use and future contact with the birth parents, the more situations you will be shown to. This causes you to have more opportunities to be selected by a birth mother.

Much also depends on the quality of your adoption profile, which is a combination of your Dear Birth Mother letter and photos of your life. With Lifetime Adoption, you’re provided with a coordinator who will work one-on-one with you to develop the best profile possible. We also provide you with sample profiles created by Lifetime adoptive families who have successfully adopted through us recently.

Bi-racial and African American families are typically more in-demand by birth mothers who wish for their baby to be raised by parents of the same race as them. In these cases, a match is usually in place within just a few weeks to six months of contracting with Lifetime. Often in these situations, the birth mother calls us from the hosptial, just before giving birth to her baby. When this happens, we immediately contact our contracted families for these situations. For more information, please visit our African American Enrichment Program

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