adopt_without_debt.jpgMany adoptive families budget, save, and get loans in order to afford to adopt. Then, they end up paying off loans for many years. But what if you could adopt without going into debt at the same time?

Here’s a book that we’d like to share with you on adoption financing: You Can Adopt Without Debt: Creative Costs to Cover the Cost of Adoption. Author Julie Gumm is an adoptive mother herself, and became completely debt-free in 2008. She shares how you can avoid taking out large loans or borrowing from family and friends in order to adopt. Learn proven methods from Gumm on how to apply for grants, creatively budget, fundraise, use an employee adoption benefits, and get tax incentives.

Here’s what readers of the book have had to say:

This is a fantastic resource!! There are ideas for altering your personal budget (decreasing expenses and increasing income), lists of grants, information about employer benefits and the adoption tax credit. In the actual fundraising sections (4 chapters), Julie Gumm lists dozens of ideas – including event fundraisers, social-media fundraising and sales-driven fundraising. There is something for every personality, timeline and situation.

“The most important part of this book is Julie’s strong encouragement that it CAN BE DONE. If finances are what is holding you back from starting an adoption, read this book. With the right attitude and willingness to work for it, this book shows you how the expenses of an adoption are no longer a road block.”

“She provides resources that adoptees can use to raise money, whether it’s through fundraising/kickstarter campaigns or taking advantage of all the credits, grants or money hopeful parents can get from the government, nonprofit and religious organizations and other sources.”

You can grab yourself a copy of You Can Adopt Without Debt: Creative Costs to Cover the Cost of Adoption on Amazon, at your local library, or wherever books are sold.


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Written by Lifetime Adoption