We all have times in life when we’re facing hard situations. Or, it may be that your child, co-worker, spouse, friend or loved one is upset at you. The tips below can be applied to either circumstance.

When dealing with difficult situations or challenging people, it is important that you take a moment and remember to first seek to understand them from their standpoint. What are they feeling? Where do they hurt? Then, it’ll be much easier for you to be understood by them and for them to be open to your viewpoint. Listening intently to their needs and wants can create an atmosphere of caring and concern for their viewpoint. We all are looking at life through different lenses. So, we need to be understood first before we can be open to new information, wisdom or advice.

I have found is true even with my own family; recently my mother said “just hear me out…” And it made a world of difference hearing her viewpoint uninterrupted before I gave my suggestions.

When people feel heard and are able to express their feelings uninterrupted, they’re more willing and open to your suggestions, help and advice. Try this today.

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