Lifetime is excited to share this recent email from one of our Lifetime adoptive families who just adopted a baby girl. If you’re in your adoption wait, reading adoption stories like this will provide you with hope and inspiration:


“I worried about everything and you all told me all along, it’s clicking with that ONE birth mom when the time is right, it’s not the specifics that mattered – NOW I understand. We can barely sleep because we just want to stare at our daughter all of the time!

Thank YOU ALL so much – even though our journey had a small drastic heartache involved right in the middle, all of that vanishes afterward – it was ALL SO WORTH IT and I will recommend Lifetime to anyone I know who are looking for a beautiful adoption journey while gaining Lifetime family members in the process! SO ready to do this again! After all, Madison just might need a brother or sister to have a playmate. Lifetime truly made it that great to go through and when we thought the rug was being pulled from under our feet, Lifetime was calling to provide phone hugs – it was so very comforting when feeling so little, discouraged, heartbroken, and afraid.

We wouldn’t change our experience for anything, because God built our faith through the process – there was a reason we were supposed to experience it. Looking back, we felt God all over our journey – things we experienced just can’t be coincidence – precisely why God pulled us to Lifetime over any other agency – it was Him – and it was perfect! I’m looking at her sleep as I write this, tears coming to my eyes again – thank you all from the VERY BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! We will ALWAYS be grateful to you! Thanks again for everything you do!

Love & hugs & blessings to you all!
Deanna & David” 


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Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

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