Not all birthmothers have the same story or are looking for the same kind of adoptive family for their child.

Hopeful waiting families also have different stories to tell, and have different desires for the child they hope will become their own.

Lifetime Adoption knows this, and understands that birthparents want every opportunity to express what they are looking for in parents for their little one, just as adoptive families want to learn all they can about the various adoption situations available.

To share the stories of the many birthparents they work with, Lifetime provides an online listing of available adoption situations. You do not have to have a password or be under contract with Lifetime to see this list. Instead, it is available to anyone and everyone interested in finding the perfect answer to their adoption prayer. The list is ever changing and new available adoption situations are added often.

If you are interested in being presented to any of the available birthparents, you can begin the process of becoming a Lifetime family by filling out a free application, which you can access on the Lifetime website.

Once your application has been processed and you enter into a contract with Lifetime Adoption, Lifetime will present you to the birthmothers whose criteria you match. Importantly, you, the prospective adoptive family, will also be added to a “waiting families” list that birthparents will have online access to 24 hours a day. This will make you and your search available to the widest possible audience of birthparents. If after learning about you a birthparent is interested in speaking to or meeting you, Lifetime will call you with background information to see if you would like to go forward with personal introductions.

You never know when you might find the perfect match, but using Lifetime’s frequently updated list of available adoption situations will give you the best tool possible to find the situation you’ve been looking for. Because while no two situations are exactly the same, there is one out there waiting just for you.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption