deanna story icon.jpgHere at Lifetime, we know that many waiting adoptive mothers face Mother’s Day with mixed emotions. Last year, just a few days before Mother’s Day, adoptive parents David and Deanna were planning for yet another Mother’s Day waiting for a baby. But instead, we called them about a birth mother who was in labor with a with a baby girl. She had chosen David and Deanna for her daughter’s adoptive parents!

In a future webinar, Deanna will talk about her beautiful adoption story. She looks forward to sharing about her adoption journey with parents in-waiting in the hopes that it encourages you. David and Deanna’s story is a testimony of faith and perseverance!

You can sign up by clicking this link. This webinar was rescheduled. However, you may still register to attend and then you will be the first to know when the new date is confirmed.

Here’s the link to register for Lifetime’s special Mother’s Day webinar: 

You can attend our adoption webinar online, over the phone, or by using the GoToWebinar app from your smart phone

Once you register for the webinar, Lifetime will email you instructions on how you can join in live. No matter what stage you’re in of your adoption journey, we know you’ll benefit from hearing adoptive mother Deanna’s adoption story! 

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