jason_yava_and_baby.jpgLifetime Adoption always needs adoptive parents of all races, however lately we’ve been working with several birth mothers who are seeking married Christian adoptive parents who are African American.

Black adoptive parents and single adoptive mothers interested in adopting an African American baby are typically matched within a few months. Some adoptive families even experience what’s called a “drop-in-the-lap”, or sudden adoption situation.

Here’s one Lifetime adoption coordinator’s story of such a circumstance: “We received a call on our 24 hour phone line. It was a woman in the hospital, in the early parts of labor, saying she wanted to have her baby adopted right away. The one adoption preference she shared was ‘I want to place my baby with a black adoptive family. Do you have any?’ When we get calls like this in the middle of the night, it’s wonderful to be able to tell women in this situation about adoptive families that match what she’s looking for.” Once the birth mother picks an adoptive family, they’re able to meet at the hospital and the baby goes home with the adoptive family.

Check out what one of Lifetime’s African American couples has to say about our program:

“We are overjoyed that the baby girl that’s been growing in our hearts is now home in our arms. Our daughter is truly a blessing and we fell in love with her at first sight!

Lifetime has been AMAZING and has made this process smooth as it could be. Our coordinator answered our every call and email and helped calm all of our fears. We have recommended Lifetime to several of our friends because we trust and appreciate their warmth, genuine concern and professionalism.

We know that other adoptive families and birth moms will be guided and supported as we were! We continue to send hopeful couples your way as we spread the word about adoption and building families, one baby at a time!”

If you’re wondering how to get started on the path towards adopting a baby, please complete Lifetime’s free online application.  Filling out our application allows us to learn more about you so you can find out if Lifetime would be the right fit for your future adoption. You could be just the answer a birth mother is looking for as she makes plans for her baby’s future!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption