threecommonmythsAdoptive families come in many shapes and sizes, but they all share a deep and heartfelt calling to open their hearts and homes to a baby. Don’t let these three common myths about finding babies for adoption discourage you from fulfilling your dream.

Myth: “There are no babies for adoption in the U.S.”

One of the biggest myths about adopting a baby is that there just aren’t any available in the United States.  This is a common misconception. Every year, Lifetime Adoption facilitates anywhere from 110 to 120 successful domestic adoptions. The majority of these are newborn infants. You can find babies for adoption in the US, and even in your home state.

Myth: ” I won’t know anything about my baby’s family or history.”

Many of our birth mothers choose to have an open adoption. The degrees of openness can vary from a single meeting to ongoing visits, pictures, and letters with your birth mother. Open adoptions provide benefits to adopted parents and their birth mothers. As an adoptive parent, open adoption means the opportunity to find out more about the medical history of your adopted baby. For many birth mothers, open adoption is a chance to have the peace of mind that their child is growing up happy and well cared for.

An open adoption allowed adoptive parents Eric and Michelle to share a very special day with their birth parents. “We were lucky to have been matched with a birth family that fit us like a glove! We all shared similar interests and passions in life. The birthparents are amazing people who wanted to give their child a wonderful life and trusted us to do so…When the big day came, we drove up to the hospital and waited patiently for updates from the birth father. When our son was born, the birth father came running out to the waiting room to congratulate us on the new arrival. We all hugged and shared joyous tears. We then got to spend a few days in the hospital in a room right next to the birthparents. We all shared time with the new arrival until both birth mom and baby were discharged.”

Myth: “The adoption process is drawn out and expensive.”

The myth of finding babies for adoption taking years and years is not typical for our families. In reality, most Lifetime Adoption families will match in less than 12 months. The more open you are to the race, age, and gender preferences of your adopted baby, the quicker you may find a match.

Some of our adoptive families have already gone through costly infertility treatments, and may feel that an expensive adoption process would be prohibitive. Adoption costs can vary depending on attorney, home visit, and travel fees. Some adoptive parents will pay travel fees, or elect to help their birth mother with pregnancy costs. Lifetime Adoption has a one-time flat fee that will help you budget and plan for your adoption. We do not charge an application fee, and our fees are lower than many other professionals.


Don’t let these common myths about adoption prevent you from answering your heart’s call. There are babies for adoption in the US. You can have a relationship with your birth mother, and the process can be affordable and happen in a timely fashion. If you have felt a calling to adopt a baby, Lifetime Adoption can answer all of your questions and help you through the process of successful adoption.



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