writing_emailWe just received an email from Ashlee, who recently decided to make an adoption plan for her baby. We’re sharing it here, so that you may see how an adoption happens:

“Hi Amy!

I just wanted to tell you thank you, so much for all of your help, thoughtfulness, and just for being there for me during my adoption process which has also been the most difficult & emotional time in my life! You have made the situation and process so seamless and have worked with not only myself, but my family as well, and with so much love and have been so caring, I could never thank you enough!

Also, thank you for the gifts that you have sent to me, the Bible, scarf, the book for my daughter, clothes, cards, gift card, and snacks! And thank you for your continued assistance and phone calls to check on me! Lifetime Adoption has been wonderful! Please tell Veronica thanks as well!

With Love Always,


We love it when mothers we help send us emails like these! What a gift to be a support, a resource, a comforting presence through a woman’s adoption planning.

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