QA_icon_hawkins_big.jpgDo you have questions about adopting a baby? Then we suggest you mark your calendar and attend our free webinar this Thursday! It will be a live Adoption Q&A Webinar, hosted by two of Lifetime’s experienced and friendly coordinators.

In attendance will be adoptive parents in various chapters of their adoption journey, from just thinking about it to researching to getting started.

Lifetime Adoption is delighted to be able to offer answers to interested adoptive parents, free of charge. We’ll cover numerous topics during this webinar, so it’s smart to take notes!

It starts at 4:00 pm Pacific (that’s 5:00 Mountain time, 6:00 Central time, and 7:00 Eastern time). Join us for an hour spent learning all you can about domestic adoption and open adoption!

Sign up here or by visiting AdoptionWebinar.com. The app we use for webinars, GoTo Meeting, can be downloaded on your smart phone. That way, you’re able to tune into this webinar from anywhere you are! Here are the links to download this app for your phone:

GoToMeeting app for iPhone
GoToMeeting app for Droid

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