bmom_looking_at_profiles.pngOur partners at Infant Adoption Guide recently interviewed Lifetime Adoption’s Outreach Coordinator Libby Denniston about what birth mothers are looking for in hopeful adoptive parents. Discover some vital things that you need to know about birth moms, as well as what open adoption looks like.

Libby shares, “Hopeful adoptive parents need to remember – you could be why an expectant mother chooses adoption for her child. You could be the #1 reason that makes a woman go from saying: I’m not sure about adoption – to say – I can make an adoption happen with people like this. You are going to be an answer for that woman.”

Here’s what you’ll learn about in the interview:

  • What Lifetime Adoption Center does – and how we help adoptive families and birthmoms.
  • Libby’s tips for understanding birthmoms and expectant women who are considering adoption.
  • What expectant women look for BEFORE they choose an adoption plan.
  • Insight about what open adoption looks like from all perspectives.
  • What hopeful adoptive families need to know about birthmoms.
  • Hear some amazing stories about the birthmoms who have received help and support from Libby and the staff at Lifetime Adoption.

You can tune into part one of this interview over at InfantAdoptionGuide.com.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption