_MG_1801Have you wondered what it’s like to have an on-going relationship with your child’s birth parent? Do you have questions about how open adoption works in real life? This webinar will help you understand the potential for your future in open adoption: it’s full of amazing possibilities!

In this video below, Lifetime adoptive mother Samantha shares her open adoption story, describing the relationship she’s created with her new son’s birth family.

Samantha states, “our adoption story is so beautiful and puts such a positive light on open adoption. I want to encourage other families to open their hearts like we did. We now have forever friends in our son’s birthparents!”

You will be inspired and encouraged along your path to your own adoption when you hear from Samantha. She discussed:

  • How she found peace with and looked forward to having an open adoption with her child’s birth parents.
  • What she learned as she waited to be chosen by her son’s birthmom.
  • How she got through the holidays while longing to raise a child.
  • The relationships gained through open adoption.

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