when is the perfect time to adopt a baby?We’re all striving towards our ideal life. This might mean scoring the perfect, well-paying job, marrying the man of your dreams, or choosing just the perfect time to have a baby. Everyone has their “perfect life plan.” However, real life rarely turns out how we expected it to. When things don’t go just like we’d hoped, we need to be ready to change our expectations of what a perfect life is to us. Living life to the fullest sometimes involves making changes along the way as we follow God’s plans. Lifetime sees this in couples and their plans to build a family.

Couples often recognize that they want to share their love with a child. However, some seem to hold off until the “perfect time.” They tell themselves that they’ll start their family after all the bills are paid off, their careers are established, they buy their dream home, or other goals achieved. Couples work so hard to create the life they see as perfect. But, they aren’t aware that each day they put off starting a family, they’re getting a little older and conceiving may become a little more difficult. Often the “perfect time” doesn’t come until days turn into months, and months into years and they feel the pressure of age on top of the desire to become parents.

For some, one of the biggest blows to their “perfect plan” is when they find out that they have fertility issues. They may look into fertility treatments, pray to God, and ask themselves if a family is really what they want. This is usually when adoption becomes a real option. The issue that many couples face is when to start the path towards adoption.

Adoption shouldn’t be ruled by some magical formula or moment. Choosing when to adopt should be directed by your hopes to build your family. If you’ve come to a point in your life when you don’t want to keep missing out on the amazing opportunities that you could be having with a child, you should begin the adoption process. You have so much to offer! Your home may not be absolutely perfect, or your job may not be absolutely perfect, but none of that will matter once your baby is home. Life is about living, learning, loving, and experiencing. The life you’ll have with that child will be full of absolutely perfect love and perfect moments.

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