This sweet baby boy was adopted through Lifetime!Did you know that the top reason couples don’t move forward with their plans to adopt is that they can’t afford it? They’re ready and excited to love a child through adoption but have financial concerns. Today, Lifetime is sharing why it’s important to look into the adoption benefits your employer, insurance, or church offers, and how you can do that!

If you’re strapped for money, the cost to adopt may leave you shocked at first.  You’ll be grateful to learn that there are so many adoption financing options out there today which you can take advantage of. It’s possible for you to afford domestic adoption!  

Here, we share how you can look into adoption benefits through any organization you are affiliated with, such as through your insurance, employer, or church. 

Employee Adoption Benefits 

Many employers offer paid leave as well as reimbursement to help out with adoption expenses. Look into whether your employer offers you an adoption benefit. We’re finding that more and more companies are starting to offer some kind of adoption credit for their employees. For example, Verizon offers their eligible associates a $10,000 adoption benefit! Just ask your Human Resource Department for details.

If your company doesn’t offer employee adoption benefits, you can encourage them to start such a program by reaching out to the Dave Thomas Foundation about their Adoption-Friendly Workplace program. Their mission is to make adoption an affordable option for every employed adoptive parent. Just visit their site at AdoptionFriendlyWorkplace.org or call them at 1-800-275-3832.

Insurance Provider Adoption Benefits

Contacting your insurance provider about adoption financing may seem strange. But in fact, an insurance organization called MediShare offers its members $4,600 to use towards their adoption!  

MediShare supports hopeful adoptive couples by helping to defray their adoption expenses. MediShare allows members to share in adoption costs up to $4,600 per adoption, with a max of $9,200 for two separate adoptions. Learn more by visiting their site at MyChristianCare.org

Military Adoption Benefits

If you’re in the military, there are financing resources for to you that aren’t available elsewhere. Active-duty military families are qualified for an adoption benefit of up to $2,000 per child. If you’re adopting a sibling group, the adoption benefit is $5,000. For more information on the program, visit MilitaryFamily.org.

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