check out these free pregnancy appsTechnology and the way we get information has changed so much since smartphones came around. Still, you might be surprised if your doctor recommends that you check out apps for staying up to date on your baby’s development!

The 10 apps for pregnancy we list do a wide variety of things, from giving you free prenatal workouts to comparing your baby’s size to certain fruits! Here are some of our favorite pregnancy apps out there:

1. My Pregnancy Today

Just enter your due date, and this app turns your phone into an expert guide for every day of your pregnancy. My Pregnancy Today has great illustrations that’ll show how your baby’s growing (like those “your-baby-is-the-size-of-a-lemon” one!) The app also has a series of videos so you can watch what labor is like, and see babies grow in the womb. You can use the links here to download for your iPhone or Droid:

Download My Pregnancy Today for iPhone              Download My Pregnancy Today for Droid

2. What to Expect

Those “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” books have been out there for over 30 years now! They’ve been proven to give good pregnancy advice. The What to Expect app provides you with easy-to-follow info on what’s going to happen in each week of your pregnancy. There are also communities if you’d like to connect with women who are due around the same time that you are.

Download What to Expect for iPhone                                   Download What to Expect for Droid

3. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy will guide you through each day of your pregnancy. We think you’ll love looking at the pictures that show your baby’s development. This app keeps you organized and educated about all of the changes and developments happening in your body and for your baby.

Download Sprout Pregnancy for iPhone                                   Download Sprout Pregnancy for Droid

4. Pregnancy +

Healthcare professionals have recommended Pregnancy +, and it was designed by experts in the fields of healthcare, childbirth and parenting. This app provides you with updated, evidence-based info. It includes a spot to keep track of your doctor’s appointments, a contraction counter, gives you daily pregnancy info, as well as pregnancy diet, exercise and labor info!

Download Pregnancy + for iPhone                            Download Pregnancy + for Droid

5. Kegel Trainer

Kegel exercises are essential for pregnant women. They strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which helps both during and after your pregnancy. Kegel Trainer has 10 different exercises to challenge your muscles. And don’t worry: the Kegel Trainer notifications and app icon are both discreet! 

Download Kegel Trainer for iPhone                                Download Kegel Trainer for Droid

6. The Bump’s Week-by-Week Pregnancy Tracker

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Tracker contains a community of other pregnant women, calendar of to-do items, a spot to upload your belly photos, and comforting articles created by experts in pregnancy. This app is a perfect place to go when you’re wondering, “is this safe?” or “is this normal?”

Download The Bump for iPhone                                Download The Bump for Droid

7. Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro builds you your own countdown-to-delivery screen with weeks and days remaining. Just enter your due date (or if you don’t know it, this app will calculate it from your last period). The app also has embryo pictures of your baby each week, a journal for keeping track of your weight gain, a contraction timer, weekly details about your baby’s development, and info about common pregnancy cravings, symptoms, and changes your body might experience.

Download Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro for iPhone                Download Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro for Droid

8. Pregnancy Workout Advisor

This prenatal workout app has a bit of everything. There are workouts for each stage of your pregnancy, with both text and illustrated instructions on how to perform each one. There are also useful features like a section that tells you the most comfortable positions to sleep in as your belly grows. 

Get Pregnancy Workout Advisor for iPhone                Get Pregnancy Workout Advisor for Droid

9. Prenatal Workouts

This simple app gives you lower-impact workouts that you can do during your pregnancy. There are yoga-based workouts specific to each trimester, and each workout is just 20 minutes long. So that you stay motivated, you have to complete one exercise to move to the next one.

Download Prenatal Workouts for iPhone                Download Prenatal Workouts for Droid

10. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

This app lets you customize your theme, and then track all sorts of info like milestones, nutrition, exercise, your weight, bump photos, symptoms, and sleep. Extras in Ovia Pregnancy Tracker include food/medication safety lists, checklists, recipes, and little bits of info about your baby’s development. 

Download Ovia Pregnancy Tracker for iPhone                Download Ovia Pregnancy Tracker for Droid

Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

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