adopt-pro-questions-1Today, women are learning about adoption from a wide variety of sources. From traditional avenues, like referrals, brochures, or word of mouth, to modern methods, such as apps, searches online, or on social media, mothers thinking about adoption can find several adoption professionals who would be honored to help her through the process.

Yet with so many options available to help women considering adoption, how do these brave moms choose the adoption agency that’s right for them?

First, it’s important to know that not all adoption agencies, attorneys, or centers offer the same services, or provide similar services in the same way. Mothers choosing adoption should make sure they understand what to expect from the professional who will help them learn about adoption, as well as what happens as they go through the process. In addition, it’s just as important to ask questions, to be honest about what you need, and to trust your gut. Choose adoption help that respects what you’re going through, is trustworthy, and there for you.

As you research adoption, remember that the professional you choose to work with through the process is one of your choices. You make the decisions, including WHO helps you complete your baby’s adoption.


Here are 10 important questions women should ask choosing an adoption agency:

  1. What hours can I call or text you? What happens if I need help at night, or on a weekend?
  2. When can I get information about the adoptive parents? How many adoptive families will I get to choose from for my baby?
  3. Do you have parents who share race in common with my baby, if that’s important to me?
  4. Do you offer counseling? Can I talk with other women who have placed a baby for adoption?
  5. Can I call from the hospital and get things started then, if needed?
  6. Will the adoptive parents travel to where I give birth, or will I need to be relocated?
  7. What kind of services and support do you have for birth parents, during and after the adoption?
  8. Can I talk with an attorney about legal questions, before I decide if adoption is what I want to do?
  9. Will the adoptive parents you work with honor my wishes about contact after the adoption?
  10. Do you have information I can get through email or text, if I don’t want mail?

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