prenatal care agency.jpgYou might be nervous when you go to see your OB-GYN doctor, and forget the questions you meant to ask. We recommend printing this list out or saving it to your phone, then bringing it along with you to your doctor’s appointment. Here are 12 questions to ask your OB-GYN doctor:

  1. What’s my due date?
  2. Are there any foods or activities I should be avoiding? What vitamins do you recommend?
  3. Will you be the one delivering my baby?
  4. Which hospital will I deliver at? Do you think I’ll need a C-section?
  5. How do I know when I’m in labor? What’s it like?
  6. Is there anything my insurance won’t cover?
  7. How do I get a proof of pregnancy to send my adoption agency?
  8. Are you open to speaking with the adoption agency I’ve chosen?
  9. Can I get information about the WIC program? (if relevant)
  10. Are my symptoms/changes normal?
  11. Can I bring the adoptive couple I’ve chosen for my baby to an appointment? (if you want to do this)
  12. When is my next appointment?

It’s important to mention that some doctors don’t have any experience with women who have chosen adoption for their baby.  If this is the case, your Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime can notify your doctor about your adoption plan, and also share info about how adoption works.

The info in this blog post is from the short, free adoption book So I Was Thinking About Adoption. Request a FREE e-book version here!

Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

Heidi Keefer is a Content Creator for Lifetime Adoption and has 15 years of experience in the field of adoption. An author of thousands of blog posts over the years, Heidi enjoys finding new ways to educate and captivate Lifetime’s ever-growing list of subscribers.

Heidi has a keen eye for misplaced apostrophes, comma splices, and well-turned sentences, which she has put to good use as a contributor to Lifetime’s award-winning blogs. She has written and published hundreds of adoption articles which explore the various facets of domestic infant adoption today.

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