maternity-clothes.jpgBecause you need all the things to fit your growing bump, but it’s hard to get off the couch these days! We’ve put together a list of 15 maternity-wear must-haves that are affordable too:

1. Super-comfy leggings, like these ones from Old Navy because they’ll go with everything.

2. A belly band, so you can keep wearing your fave pair of jeans.

3. Cute t-shirt dress or some extra-long tops that give you coverage throughout your entire pregnancy.

4. Long-sleeved tunics like this super-flattering one with ruching on the sides.

5. An extra-long tank top like >this one from Target, for layering under shirts.

6. Convertible maxi skirt that you can wear over or under your bump.

maternity-tunic.jpg7. Bra extenders that hook into the back of your bras to keep wearing them for a few more weeks before you have to size up.

8. A basic black tee that’ll match with anything.

9. Yoga pants for pajama bottoms, like this affordable pair.

10. Bump-friendly undies that you can wear underneath your belly.

11. A loose, flowy tunic that you can wear after pregnancy, too.

12. Say goodbye to cankles with some cutesy compression socks.

13. Flip flops that will fit your growing feet. Here’s a beautiful rose-gold pair.

14. Ballet flats, if that’s more your style.

15. A long-sleeved cowl neck shirt for the crispy weather. 

One of the ways that Lifetime helps women facing an unplanned pregnancy is by providing Birthmother Blessings, a hand-packed box of clothing, household items, and more. You can learn more at BirthmotherBlessing.com.

Learn how birth mothers can get help with maternity clothing by calling or texting Lifetime at

Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

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