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Indiana adoptive couple David and Anna baking togetherI recently had the opportunity to chat with hopeful adoptive parents David and Anna, hopeful adoptive parents who live in Indiana. When you’re thinking about adoption for your child, you’re able to talk to hopeful adoptive parents before making your decision. By chatting with them and asking them questions, you can get the full picture of the adoptive couple as potential parents to your baby.
I asked David and Anna some fun questions that you won’t find in their adoption profile, and I learned that they are a laid-back, fun-loving couple. They’re excited to welcome their first child through adoption and are open to a child or children of any race and either gender.
David and Anna share, “We are eager to share our love for dogs, home-cooked meals, and board games with your child. We want to support your desired level of contact through written communication, photos, and visits as you prefer.”

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David helping his family members grill the Thanksgiving turkey1. What is your favorite holiday?
Our favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We enjoy being able to gather around the table with family for good food. We like to emphasize our favorite F’s during the holiday: Family, food, friends, and football.
For Thanksgiving, we are able to celebrate with both sides of the family as our parents live in the same town in Illinois. We typically start off with David’s family. Since they have a background in grilling, the trick is to find the biggest turkey that will still fit on the grill.
We then finish off the day at Anna’s family, where there are more soups than people, which is a bit compromising because no one is hungry at this point in the day.
2. What’s your favorite fast-food chain? What do you usually order?
Our go-to is Panda Express. Having a go-to for Chinese cuisine, even if it is Americanized, is nice to have. Orange chicken is a must for both of us. Not sure how authentic it is, but it is definitely tasty.
We like the fast, casual dining experience, which is probably why our second is Chipotle. David gets a steak burrito, and Anna gets a chicken burrito because you can never go wrong with burritos!

You can get an even better glimpse into David and Anna’s lives here:


David and Anna cheer on the Cincinnati Reds3. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
Anna would like to have dinner with her grandpa, whom she never got to meet. While she has heard many stories about him, nothing would compare to meeting him. It really changes your perception of someone if you can meet them. From the sounds of it, the dinner table would be full of laughter.
David would like to have dinner with Joey Votto, the previous first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds are a big part of family bonding within his family. He would have bragging rights for life!
4. What is a piece of advice or a life-tip that’s always stuck with you? Who taught it to you?
Anna’s mom had a common saying, “Don’t be a victim.” It meant always taking an action step towards your problem. When she was young, this meant coming up with possible solutions to little conflicts and disagreements.
This has become especially relevant in this day and age when many people want to claim to be a victim. Now that Anna is older, she realizes how much this phrase has impacted her personality, as she hates having outstanding problems without solutions.
David and Anna with their dog5. As parents, what is something specific you want to teach your child?
We want to make sure to teach our future children gratefulness. We believe a grateful attitude helps combat many of life’s challenges and want to set our child up for success with this mindset.
This mindset seems to be lacking in the modern age when many people are unaware of how many blessings and advantages are already given to them. We believe this will keep a child humble and form a good attitude towards life.

Curious to know more about David and Anna?

You can check out their adoptive family profile online.

If you’re interested in talking to them as potential adoptive parents to your baby, just text or call Lifetime at
and we can connect you with them.


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