pregnant woman sleepingWhen you’re pregnant, it can be tough to get a good night’s sleep. But with these tips, you will hopefully get some better quality sleep! Sleep issues during pregnancy can be caused by regular trips to the bathroom during the night, heartburn, hunger, dreams or nightmares, leg cramps, or anxieties. And, if you’re not used to sleeping in the recommended pregnancy position (on your left side), it can also make it more difficult to fall asleep.


Here are seven tips for getting better sleep during your pregnancy:

  1. Pass on caffeine after noon (this includes chocolate and tea, too)
  2. Treat yourself to a warm bath just before you go to bed: it will help relax and calm you down
  3. Don’t drink water, soda, juice, or any other beverages at nighttime. It’s important to get eight glasses of water a day, but by avoiding fluids at night you’ll also prevent frequent bathroom trips!
  4. Work out during the morning, day or early evening. If you work out close to bed time, it can be energizing and make it more difficult for you to get to sleep.
  5. Eat a small snack before you go to bed, to avoid waking up hungry in the middle of the night. Good snacks to eat have both carbs and protein in them (for example, cheese and crackers). But avoid foods that have sugar; they’ll give you an energy boost.
  6. Use tons of pillows, to support you and rest body parts on
  7. Open a window in your bedroom; the fresh air can be really sleep-inducing. If it’s too hot (or cold) outside to open a window, you can keep your bedroom cooled through a fan or AC.

If you can’t fall asleep right away, don’t stress. Get out of bed and watch some TV or read a book, and then try again. If you get anxious about not being able to fall asleep, it will only make sleep harder to get.

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