Here’s a question that we get a lot: “My baby’s dad says he won’t agree to me doing adoption. What can I do?” This is a very common situation. Check out this short video below to learn more about your baby’s father and adoption:

Getting your baby’s father involved in the adoption? from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

my babys father wont do adoption.jpgFirst off, understand that you’re not alone. Lots of women have been where you are. We suggest that you get your baby’s father involved: let him be involved in choosing the adoptive family for your baby. If he wants, he can have contact with the adoptive family, separate from you. 

It’s important to make sure that he understands his birth father rights, and all the facts and information about the adoption process, and to know that this may be the best scenario for your child. Make sure that you’re both putting your baby’s life first, and prioritizing what’s going to be best for your baby. You need to come together and make the best choice for your child. 

It’s hard for a man to admit he can’t provide for his own child. Talk with him and share your hopes for your child, and see what his are too. Let him know he can help pick the adoptive family and stay in contact with them. Even if the two of you are not together, you can both have a relationship with your child and the parents. Once he knows that adoption isn’t goodbye forever, it may change his thoughts about it.

Just remember to keep him involved in the adoption process, give him further info on adoption for a birth father, and to always make sure that the baby’s best interests are coming first. 


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