girl_in_college.jpgWe’re excited to celebrate the 8 birth mothers who were awarded a scholarship toward their college fall tuition this month! Have you made an adoption plan for your baby or child? Discover how you can further your education through one of our scholarships by visiting www.LifetimeFoundation.org.

The Lifetime Adoption Foundation just awarded 8 applicants who lovingly placed a child for adoption through Lifetime and other agencies across the US. We’re honored to offer educational scholarships in deep gratitude to birth mothers who have made an adoption plan for their children. Birth mothers allow couples the opportunity to become parents. They also create futures, not only for those couples, but also for their children, for a lifetime. It’s a blessing for us to be able to see birth moms going to college with adoption scholarships to improve their life choices. 


You can apply for a birth mother scholarship at www.LifetimeFoundation.org.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption