find-christian-family“I was brought up in a Christian family, went to Sunday school every week, and then youth groups and prayer circles when I was older. My faith in God has really helped me through some rough patches in life. I’m actually going through one right now with being pregnant unexpectedly. 

It’s important to me that the family I choose for my baby be devout Christians, and raise my child to know the Lord. Can I find out the adoptive parent’s faith?”

Yes! A big part of your adoption decision is talking to a family (or two or three!), where you’ll have the opportunity to ask them anything you’d like to know. And talking about faith with adoptive couples is a great way to learn more about each other.

The adoptive couple might also ask you about your faith or your preference of faith for your child. Be honest! If you want your child raised with a specific faith or belief, talk about it with the couple.

It’s okay to ask your Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime about families who are Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, or even non-denominational! This is your decision and you have options. You can always talk to your Adoption Coordinator ahead of time too if you have specific requests.


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