8 weeks pregnant.jpgQuestion: “I’m about 8 weeks along, and I’ve called a few places to see about adopting out my baby. All of them say to call back when I’m further along. Can you help me this early? I am pretty sure this is what I want to do and am ready to start getting things in place.”

The answer is yes! You can begin your adoption plan at any time during your pregnancy (or even after you’ve delivered). There are tons of things you can do early on to get your adoption plan going.

You can watch videos of women who have chosen adoption. In the videos, they share their stories, including why they came to choose adoption for their child. Just visit our Birth Mother Videos page to watch their short videos.

Also, we suggest that you download this eBook about adoption: So I Was Thinking About Adoption… The download is free, and it’s a short, easy read. The book gives honest answers to commonly-asked questions about adoption, info about the adoption process, and the resources you need to make an adoption plan.

Then, you can learn about the parents waiting to adopt a baby. All of Lifetime’s adoptive families are pre-screened and go through a background check. You’re able to choose from a wide variety of families, from everywhere over the U.S. and from various races and backgrounds. 


If you’d like to talk or request more info about the process of adoption, please call caring team at Lifetime anytime:

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