Question: “I’m so embarrassed to confess this, but I used recreational drugs during my pregnancy. I’m thinking about adoption but worried that it’s not a choice I can make. Are there any couples who’d want to adopt a baby who’s mom used drugs?”

Check out this short video to learn the answer, and about your choices with open adoption if you’ve used drugs during your pregnancy:

Can I make an open adoption plan if I have used drugs? from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

drugged out and pregnant.jpgWe’ve worked with a number of women who’ve used drugs during their pregnancy. Even if you’ve used drugs while pregnant, Lifetime can help you find an adoptive family that will give your child a loving home. You’re able to create an open adoption plan, where you have contact with the family and your child as they grow up. 

Lifetime has all of our potential adoptive families pre-screened, and we ask them if they’re open to prenatal drug and alcohol use. Just be honest with your Adoption Coordinator about what you used and when. That way, we can match you with a couple who’s open to it. When you share the truth, it’ll make it so that the adoptive family is able to find the right resources to support and raise your child. In order for the adoptive family to parent your baby successfully, they’ll need all the available info from you, including your medical history.

If the adoptive couple knows that your baby was exposed to drugs, it preps them for the care of your baby post-delivery. Sharing about your drug use with the hospital staff too will prepare them to help your baby transition off the drugs post-delivery.

In addition to helping you find an adoptive family, Lifetime can also connect you with the support you need. It can be difficult to stop using, especially if you started before you got pregnant. Even when you know that quitting is best for your baby, support is needed. Lifetime can refer you to a licensed therapist. Also, some adoptive families are able to help you out with medical costs.


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