25 Morning Sickness Cures That Work!

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Birth Parent Blog

soda crackersFor many women, one of the worst parts of being pregnant is the morning sickness – that nausea that can happen any part of the day, not just in the morning. Some women actually throw up, others are just plagued with a sick feeling stomach that can be difficult to live with.

The good news is that it typically goes away after the first trimester!

Morning sickness can often be relieved or managed by some of the following tried and true tricks. They don’t all work for every woman, but try a few to learn what will work for YOU!

  1. Eat crackers before you get out of bed in the morning. Keep them next to your bed.
  2. Ginger ale
  3. If you eat in the evening, eat a light snack, nothing heavy or rich.
  4. Peppermint hard candy
  5. Get some Sea Bands (elastic bands that provide acupressure) at the drug store.
  6. A warm shower
  7. Ginger snaps
  8. Popsicles
  9. Keep your diet rather bland and low in fat
  10. Tea… ginger, black, or lemon
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Take a nap
  13. Stay hydrated
  14. Avoid areas that have a lot of food smells
  15. Listen to your cravings – they may be showing you vitamins you need.
  16. Club soda or other plain carbonated water with lemon
  17. Pick up new hobby that gives you a different focus
  18. Try a pressure point massage, or do it yourself by squeezing the webbing between your thumb and index finger.
  19. Eat ice cold or icy foods like smoothies, frozen grapes, or cucumber slices.
  20. Get plenty of rest
  21. Surround yourself with pleasing smells, like lavender, juniper, or whatever YOU like.
  22. Eat small meals or snacks throughout the day. Don’t wait too long to eat or it will make the nausea worse.
  23. Keep crushed ice near to suck or chew
  24. Wear clothes that are loose around your belly and not restrictive.
  25. Talk to your doctor. Some women with severe symptoms need medical intervention.

Remember, morning sickness shall pass – it always does. Stay positive and focused on taking care of YOU during this time.

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