5 Reasons to Consider a Bi-racial Couple for Your Baby

by | Apr 11, 2011 | Birth Parent Blog

Happy adoptive Biracial family built with the help of Lifetime Adoption resourcesWhen it comes to selecting a family for your unborn child, you will ultimately have the last say as the birthmother. The hopes, concerns, and aspirations that you have for your unborn child are always important and heard. But one common thing that has kept birthmothers from sometimes selecting the best possible families for their child has been focusing too much on the race of the adoptive families. This is especially true when it comes to bi-racial couples.

When a couple is looking to adopt a child, they make a commitment to give that child a healthy and enjoyable upbringing. Their promise to care for the child goes beyond the daily necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. They are dedicated to helping that child to become a positive and successful member of society regardless of that child’s race or those of their parents.

A bi-racial couple that is looking to open their hearts, home, and lives to an unborn child, such as yours, has an abundance of wonderful things to offer that child. In general, they are often well-educated, successful in their careers, open-minded, and very strong people. Bi-racial couples have overcome so much to make it and they could teach your child about the power of love and sharing that love, regardless of race or background.

In a bi-racial family, your child could have an amazing opportunity to explore and learn to appreciate people as individuals with unique perspectives and upbringings. Being a part of a bi-racial family is not about being “color blind.” In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It’s about being color-“full”, empathetic, and respectful. To be raised with such admirable ideals, any adoptive child that is fortunate enough to have that life experience, has a major advantage over so many that have not been exposed to a variety of cultures and unbiased thinking.

No doubt, there are many questions that you may have as to whether a family that is very diverse is best for your child. To answer some of these questions, here are five factors that could actually make your decision to select a bi-racial couple one of the easiest decisions that you may ever make:

1. Bi-racial couples make every effort to acknowledge and respect all cultural backgrounds. This, of course, would include your child’s culture. Opting for a bi-racial couple to raise your child will almost ensure that he or she understand and accepts that everyone is different, special, and unique…especially your child.

2. Bi-racial couples can bring a variety of different child raising techniques to their parenting experience. Every culture has ways of caring for their babies. Your child could have a chance to be showered with love in ways you may not have ever imagined!

3. Some bi-racial couples also speak multiple languages. In a global world, where the ability to speak more than one language is valuable, your child could gain strong communication and linguistic skills that will serve him throughout his or her life!

4. Bi-racial couples are likely very resilient people. While there are tons of positives about being in an interracial relationship, one of the hardest parts could be dealing with other people’s prejudices. However, a couple that has weathered the storm of racial prejudice will be able to teach your child about the strength that we all need to be strong individuals and comfortable in our own skin.

5. A bi-racial couple that longs for a child will have an unconditional love for that new addition to their lives, regardless of that child’s race or cultural background. In fact, because they have learned to hold onto each other during the wait, they will be even more ready and willing to love their new child with their whole hearts…as one strong and wonderful family!
The world that your child will grow up in is international, multiracial, and extremely diverse. Your child will need to know how to work, live, and love in this world. By selecting a bi-racial couple to care for and raise your child, you are also making a statement that you want your child to be emotionally prepared to compete in this world, which will contribute to his or her long-term success. The majority of bi-racial couples are open to staying in touch with you after the adoption, through letters, emails, photos, and visits.

As a birth mother, you want to give your child the best. What better thing to give him or her than an awesome family that will embrace and celebrate life, culture, and love!

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