In 1990, a group of women gathered and decided to set aside the day before Mother’s Day to honor mothers who choose to give their child life and provide them a family through adoption. This year, that special day is May 9, 2009. At Lifetime, we want to recognize our birth mothers on this day; they are special to us.

The Lifetime Adoption Foundation is eager to help you with your future through an educational scholarship to pursue your education. They are also able to help with other needs you may have, such as clothing or household items. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Visit LifetimeFoundation.org to find out more.

Remember that we are always here for you, even if you just need to talk. Today and everyday, you are warmly remembered and lifted up in prayer.

Mardie Caldwell & Everyone at Lifetime

To My Daughter’s First Mother
Written by an Adoptive Mother

All the words in the world could never express
The way I feel about you.
I know our paths were meant to cross
I hope you feel that way too.

I wish for you a wonderful life,
I know great things are in store for you
Because you are strong and will never give up
You will make your dreams come true.

The day I had the pleasure of meeting you
I saw your beautiful face,
My heart was filled with great peace
I felt our spirits embrace.

You have given me a treasure
Worth far more than silver or gold,
A beautiful daughter, a child of God,
A precious life to shape and mold.

I am grateful to you for giving her life,
You knew abortion was not to be her fate.
You chose to take the harder path
You proved your love for her was great.

I promise you that I will tell her
Of the great courage you have shown,
And that she is deeply loved by another
To her you will always be known.

I hope you will find comfort in knowingS
he is deeply loved and cherished too.
She will never want for anything,
I owe her life to you.

I pray for guardian angels
To guide you and ease your way.
I pray you always feel our Savior’s love
Because of the sacrifice you made that day.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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