The subject of adoption recently came up the last episode of Gossip Girl:

Rufus is doing everything in his power to track down his long-lost child. He’s been calling every adoption agency in Boston, where the adoptive family is located, but has had no luck in tracking down any information. The agencies all tell him to confront the mother, which is eventually what he decides to do. He coldly asks Lily for more information so that he can find their child. Lily is stubborn and tells him that it was a closed adoption and she said she would not come looking for the child. But Rufus tells Lily that he won’t rest until he makes contact and finds out about his son.

It is stories like these, of closed adoptions, that make us realize the benefits to an open adoption plan. The face of adoption today is far different than the adoptions of just when Lily placed her son. Adoption is now based on an open, honest relationship between the adoptive parents and the birthfamily. The blessing of an open adoption is shared with children from their earliest days.
Women facing an unplanned pregnancy today have many choices with open adoption. Creating an open adoption plan involves choosing their child’s adoptive family, the level of future contact they want, and even what they wish their child’s birth certificate to say. A birthparent may now feel more comforted as they see their child growing happy, healthy, and safe in the adoptive family that they themselves selected.

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