Q. I have just found out I am pregnant and I don’t want this baby. I don’t want to be pregnant and give the baby up for adoption. But I don’t believe in abortion. If I could go back in time and undo everything I would. I feel like I have two choices and both of them suck. Should I flip a coin or ??

A. That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you learn you are pregnant and don’t want to be is something that many, many women know and understand. The reality is, like it or not, you are already a mother and responsible for decisions that will affect you and your child’s life forever.

Big responsibility, eh?

The first thing you need to do is get to a place of stability, which means the shock has passed, you are rested and fed, and able to think logically about the choices before you. This is vital because whatever decision you make will affect you for the rest of your life, even if you think it won’t.

The next step is to learn the truth about your choices – not what you think you know from TV or the movies or from what other people have told you, but the truth from professionals. Please call Lifetime anytime, 24 hours a day, to learn about adoption with no pressure and no obligation. We are here ready to talk right now at 1-800-923-6784.

Lifetime can also provide you with a free, outside counselor to speak with before you make any decision regarding your pregnancy.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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