Question: I live in the Midwest and I’m thinking of adoption for my baby. I’d like for her to grow up on the West coast…can I pick an adoptive family that live outside my state?

Answer: Yes! Lifetime Adoption can help you in picking adoptive parents that live outside your area or state. With the Internet, you’re able to browse a nationwide variety of qualified families wanting to adopt that will meet what you’re looking for. Just visit this link to see adoptive parent profiles online: www.LifetimeAdoption.com/profiles. You can click on a particular area in the image of the U.S. map to see adoptive families from a state or region.

Lifetime Adoption has waiting adoptive families in most states across the country. We will locate and pre-screen available families in a state or region that you choose. Please let us know about other things that you might be looking for in adoptive parents. Other things you might want in adoptive parents could include:


  • The amount of children they already have (you can also choose from adoptive couples who don’t have kids yet)
  • What religion they are
  • How physically active the adoptive couple is
  • Financial stability
  • The amount of education or college degrees they have
  • What the adoptive father or mother does for a living (their job)
  • Whether the wife will be a stay-at-home mom
  • The ethnic background of the couple
  • The amount of future contact they are open to after placement
  • and more!


Please call Lifetime Adoption if you have a question or if you see an adoptive family online that you’re interested in: 1-800-923-6784.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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