_MG_7380-1.jpgDo you live in Yuba/Sutter area in Northern California?  Find out about our services to women considering an adoption plan for their baby or child…

There three choices that you have the right to make with adoption:

1. You can pick the Adoptive Parents for your child. You can choose from tons of adoptive families, living all over the US. Email, speak with, and even meet them in person to see if they’re right. Every one of our adoptive families have gone through background checks and are ready and excited to adopt. 

2. You can pick the amount of contact you want for after the adoption. When you are making an adoption plan, it can be a positive step to plan for some type of future contact. This can be through visits, emails, letters and/or photos. Start by picking what you desire, and Lifetime will send you info on families who are open to that level of contact.

3. You can decide how things go at the hospital. You have the right to time with your baby after delivery. You can choose to have the adoptive mother there during delivery, or both parents in the waiting room, or not at the hospital at all.

Please call us at Lifetime Adoption if you have any questions or would like info on how to get started in adoption: 530-763-6780.

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