Whether you just found out you are pregnant, or are late into your pregnancy, we have information for you. Maybe it’s your daughter or girlfriend who just learned she is having a baby.

We Can Help You With An Unplanned Pregnancy
We understand that decisions about a pregnancy aren’t always easy. Unplanned or unexpected pregnancies happen, and helping you make the best decision for you and your baby is what we are here for.

Click any of the links at the below to learn more about your options. Or, to talk about your options, call our 24-Hour Adoption Answer Line at

Pregnancy issues and questions: answers to your pregnancy questions.

Pregnancy Calculator
Are you pregnant? Or do you think you might be? This is where you can learn how far along you are and when you are due.

Free Pregnancy Services — Help With Your Needs
There are some free services available for women who are pregnant. Most of these services are available through your state, such as Medi-caid and the WIC program. Your local hospital may also offer free prenatal classes as well as a free or low-cost pregnancy clinic. Check your local phone book for more information on how to qualify.

My Story: Real Women, Real Stories
Sometimes, it helps just to have a friend. Here are some stories from other women who have been where you are, and faced the same decisions that you are facing.

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