If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and having a difficult time deciding between parenting your baby or choosing adoption, it can help to look at the situation from all angles. Here are 14 questions that will get you thinking about whether you’re really ready at this time in your life to be a parent:

  1. Do you have the financial resources to care for this child?
  2. Do you have the help you need to raise your child?
  3. Will those who are offering to help be there long-term?
  4. Will the child have two committed parents?
  5. How are you feeling emotionally about being a parent?
  6. What do you want for your child’s life?
  7. What do you want for your life?
  8. Are you and the father willing to sacrifice your lifestyle to be good parents?
  9. What kind of childhood did you want as a child? Can you provide that for your child?
  10. Why do you want to be a parent?
  11. Will being a mother make you a better person?
  12. Do you feel that having a child will give you someone to love? Someone to love you in return?
  13. Do you think parenting will keep you and the father together?
  14. Do you know someone who has been in a similar situation? What are the choices they made? How is their life now?

Your answers to these questions may help you in your decision-making process. If you’re making this decision with your baby’s father, have him take a look at these questions and consider his answers too. If you’d like to explore the choice of open adoption further, please give us a call at Lifetime: 1-800-923-6784.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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