How Is My Baby Growing? All About Fetal Development

Nine months seems like a long time to be pregnant, and any pregnant woman will tell you that it can feel like forever, but growing a person takes time!

Once you understand what is going on “in there” during pregnancy, you will see why.

3 – 8 weeks Pregnant
By three weeks, the baby has a heartbeat! At four weeks, eyes have begun to show and tiny arm and leg buds are growing. By five weeks of pregnancy, the woman has missed her first period. The face is forming and so is the brain. At six weeks, fingers are forming and by seven weeks, the feet form, with toes still needing to be formed.By eight weeks all the parts that form a human being are on the baby – just very tiny – about the size of a kidney bean!”

Wow, arms and legs by eight weeks?” Click to learn what’s next…

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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