Q I met my boyfriend at a party six months ago. At first he seemed really nice and cute. Once he found out I was pregnant, he changed. I am really kind of scared! He doesn’t seem like the same guy I fell in love with.

He has pushed me, yelled at me and now I think he is sleeping with someone else. He tells me that I am just being paranoid. The closer I get to have this baby, the more nervous I feel. I am so glad we didn’t move in together… Lately I have been thinking about giving the baby up for adoption and starting a new life far away from here.

How can I know if my boyfriend is bad news? After the baby is born, I am worried it will be too late. Something really feels wrong and I can’t put my put my finger on what that is… He was so great in the beginning…. Am I the crazy one?!?

-Worried in Georgia

A Dear Worried,

You are definitely not crazy! The hormones of pregnancy sometimes mess with emotions and cloud thinking, but you seem to be thinking just fine! When a woman first meets a man, he wants to impress her and puts on his best face. This might be real or it might be fake. As time goes by, that mask is peeled away and the “true” person is revealed.

When a woman jumps into a relationship, she does not always know what she is getting, until is too late! The handsome gentleman suddenly turns into a jealous, angry psychopath. Not only are you seeing the real guy for the first time, you are pregnant with his child!

Now is the time to take action! It seems you understand that things will only get worse, not better! The pushing is going to escalate to hitting and the lies will continue to get bigger. For your safety and that of your baby, it is important to get help now!

Has he threatened to hurt you, if you left? Has he vowed to take away your baby, unless you stay? He wants to control you and hurt you. No good can come of continuing this relationship.

There are people that help women in your situation. The domestic abuse hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE. There is someone there to answer your call night and day! They can set you up with resources and a plan. It is impossible to go it alone. You are one of millions of women that is currently struggling with domestic violence issues. No matter what he tells you, he is not going to change! Narcissists and psychopaths are only out to make themselves happy, even at the expense of others.

If you are seriously considering making an adoption plan, Lifetime Adoption can share how you can make it happen, without risking the birth father taking or harming your child. Remember, after the baby is born, he will be a part of your life forever, unless you make plans now! You can call Lifetime Adoption 24 hours a day at 1-800-923-6784. Remember, you cannot fix or change him. You can only take care of yourself and your unborn baby.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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