This girl wanted to share her story, in hopes that it will help others.

“Like a lot of girls my age, I have been in some really physical relationships. While I’m not necessarily proud of my actions, I don’t regret being with my boyfriends or anything. I only regret that I may have gotten caught up in this situation where I might be pregnant. I didn’t really want that to happen.

So, I did what most people probably do. I took a pregnancy test. But, the line was so light that I couldn’t tell if it was actually even there! It was pretty confusing and at that point, I really just wanted to know whether or not I was prego. Instead of getting all worked up though, I just relaxed and waited for a couple of days. Then, I took another test. This time, the line was darker, but I was not going to trust that test 100%…”

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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