Are you a mother who just found out your daughter is pregnant? You are not alone. Thousands of moms have been right where you are today. But somewhere between the shock and fear, reality sets in… This is MY Little Girl.

We Have the Help, Information, and Tools You are Looking For To Help Your Daughter Make the BEST Decision For Herself AND Her Baby.

There is a media kit, “My Child is Pregnant… What are My Rights?” that contains the answers that you as a parent need. It’s part of My Daughter’s Decision kit, designed for you and your daughter.

Let me share what’s in the My Daughter’s Decision kit with you…
AUDIO CD: “My Child is Pregnant, What Are My Rights?”
Learn the rights that you as a parent have in your dauther’s decisions in regards to her pregnancy. Attorney Felice Webster shares her knowledge and interpretation of the law. This will arm you with what you need to know.

NEW BOOK: “So I Was Thinking About Adoption…”

Short, concise book helps you and your daughter consider options for her pregnancy that include adoption. Get planning sheets, questions for the doctor, and tips for caring for yourself during pregnancy.

BONUS INSTANT REPORT: Top 10 Questions Mom Like You Ask

Learn from common questions and answers from other mom’s who have been right where you are and asked the same questions that you likely have. It’s pretty likely that these top questions are your questions right now. Get this PDF report right now!

BONUS INSTANT REPORT: I’m Too Young To Be a Grandma!

Tips for you as you face this situation and move forward. This report will help you with topics regarding the options your daughter has. It will also help you remain calm in the face of the struggles you now face. Get this PDF report right now!
Click here to purchase the kit and let me help you on this journey. Our kit comes with a free shipping upgrade to priority so this vital information reaches you more quickly.
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