Dear Mardie,

I saw the picture you put up a couple of days ago about children in CPS. I hope you can help.

My daughter is 8 weeks old and was taken from me at the hospital because I tested positive for meth. They are telling me that I can’t get her back until I go to rehab. I am not an addict. I just use it now and then. And I was sick of being pregnant and a friend told me a small hit will start labor. It did.

I am worried that in foster care she is bonding with weird people or babysitters or somebody who isn’t always there. I never thought about adoption but I started looking on my phone and found your site on Facebook.

Can you help me?


Dear Maritza,

Yes, we can help you. It sounds as though your parental rights are still intact. We just need to get you speaking to someone in your state who can help you do what you need to in order to elect for adoption. It is important that you move as quickly as you can though.

First, look through waiting adoptive families and choose one or two to speak with, or if you’d rather, we can choose one for you with characteristics you are looking for. Then we can move forward with a complete plan to your social worker.

Hang in there, Martiza, and move forward as quickly as you are able. Bless you dear!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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