Unlike years past, today’s adoption has taken on a new face. No longer is everything done in secrecy to where the mother never has the pleasure of looking upon the face of her newborn child.

Many women who have thought of placing their child for adoption have found they are put off by the many inaccurate images that the word “adoption” brings to mind.

There was a time when a birth mother (the biological mother) would hear the word “adoption” and envision her child being snatched away soon after birth to disappear into oblivion; resulting in the fact that she would never know for sure that she had done the right thing. Fortunately, today the face of adoption has been dramatically altered with the practice of Open Adoption.

Open Adoption is beneficial to all who are involved, but most of all it is beneficial to the child. Click to continue reading about open adoption…

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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