OK, so you are pregnant and wondering what all the fuss is about regarding an ultrasound! Is it really necessary? What are the benefits to me and my baby? Are there any drawbacks? You might be wary of tests and doctors. It is completely understandable! Pregnancy can be a stressful and confusing time. Ultrasound is a common test performed on pregnant women to assess the health of the mother and baby.

Ultrasound can “see” many things and identify areas of concern. If there is not enough fluid around the baby, it will show up. The test can show multiple fetuses. If there are genetic problems, ultrasound can show that as well! It gives the medical establishment valuable information that can be used to keep mother and baby safe.

There is absolutely no cutting or pain involved! The doctor or healthcare practitioner places a small machine that resembles a computer mouse on your tummy. The sound waves create a visual image of your internal organs and of the baby. The machine enables the medical care team to check for your baby’s heartbeat, overall health, and any potential problems.

There is no guarantee that ultra sound is completely safe and experts are recommending a limit to the number performed. It might be fun to know the sex of the baby ahead of time, however, as with any procedure; it is supposed to be used for medical reasons only! You don’t want to risk the health and safety of your baby, by taking picture after picture. Even though it has been widely performed for over thirty years, there are still questions and should not be overused.

Ask your doctor for his/her opinion as to the benefits of ultrasound. Find out if it is necessary for you. Ultimately, it is your choice! Get all the information you can. You baby will thank you!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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